helping families

Assisting thousands of families and individuals

Ice cream social at Burlington Manor
pride and dignity

Instilling a sense of pride and dignity

Resident Appreciation at Delhaven Manor
Strong, rewarding environments

Creating strong, rewarding environments

Fall Festival at Vintage Crossing

CHC's mission is (a) to increase the quantity and quality of housing opportunities available to very low, low and moderate income families and individuals, including the elderly and the disabled, by creating, acquiring, rehabilitating and preserving affordable housing units, (b) to assist families and individuals with limited financial resources by providing a decent, safe and secure living environment that respects the dignity of the residents and fosters a sense of community, and (c) to promote neighborhood stabilization and revitalization efforts by improving the quality and availability of housing alternatives for people with limited means thereby creating attractive, productive neighborhoods that instill a sense of pride in the people who live there. CHC's mission is codified in its bylaws which can be read here.

REAC Scores for CHC Properties